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Capsule: Test Strip Subscription

Capsule: Test Strip Subscription

at user friendly, we believe in a simple idea: that everyone who is ever around drug use should be equipped with testing materials at all time. so we can help ourselves and each other have fun safer! thats why we are the only company that offers testing materials as a subscription.


we know what you're thinking - is this baggie gonna end me? take the worry out of whatever it is that you're doing with our fentanyl test strips. these strips can detect trace amounts of fentanyl in other substances, such as mdma, cocaine, and ketamine and can also detect most fentanyl analogs. always have these lying around to prevent overdose of unintentional fentanyl consumption!


every purchase comes with:

  • 10 of the latest fentanyl test strips medicine has to offer, that produce no false positives with MDMA, methamphetamine, or cocaine
  • instructions of how to properly use fentanyl test strips and avoid fentanyl consumption
  • the cherry on top: User Friendly Club collectible items
    Expected to ship by the end of August!
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    learn about safe dr*g use

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