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(or wherever you're using dr*gs)

User Friendly is a harm reduction startup that's on a mission to shift the paradigm of drug use and END OVERDOSES by making drug testing ubiquitous. so you can have fun safer.


if that sounds like a big goal, that's because it is. and we’re all in.


at User Friendly, we pride ourselves on being practical. we get it: drug use isn’t going anywhere. people have been snorting, smoking, huffing, and tripping for millennia.

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simply put: drugs are a fact of life. we get it, we’ve been there. which is why we’re not afraid to talk about it. we’re of the mind that when people feel unashamed, they can make better and more informed decisions about substance use. 


whatever you’re doing, why-ever you’re doing, that’s none of our business.


but how you’re doing, that’s where we come in.


User Friendly makes substance use safer and more fun (its okay to say that right?) by:

Join the User Friendly Club and help shift the paradigm of substance use!

welcome to the club  =)

meet the team

Wanna chat? You can email us at


Talk soon (and in the meantime, TEST YOUR DR*GS)

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