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Pixele: Handheld Fentanyl Testing Device

Pixele: Handheld Fentanyl Testing Device

Pixele is the universe's first handheld fentanyl testing device :0


Pixele will transform the way you test substances forever, taking the worry and anxiety out of substance use and making it easier for you to have fun safer!


we're bottling advanced chromatographic reagent technology into a handheld device that you can convenientally put on your keychain. the fun, toylike design is meant to be discrete so you can take it with you wherever you go.


most importantly, its super easy to use! just insert a bit of your susbtance into the device, shake, and read the results that show up on Pixele's screen. then, toss out the disposable cartidges and party on!


we are working super hard to build pixele! pre-order pixele now to be the first in line when this revolutionary drug testing device drops!

    Pixele will be available in 2024!
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